Learning Outcome Statements

1. Classification of Fixed-Income Markets

a. describe classifications of global fixed-income markets;

b. describe the use of interbank offered rates as reference rates in floating-rate debt;

2. Primary and Secondary Bond Markets

c. describe mechanisms available for issuing bonds in primary markets;

d. describe secondary markets for bonds;

3. Sovereign Bonds, Non-Sovereign Bonds, Quasi-Government Bonds, and Supranational Bonds

e. describe securities issued by sovereign governments;

f. describe securities issued by non-sovereign governments, quasi-government entities, and supranational agencies;

4. Corporate Debt

g. describe types of debt issued by corporations;

5. Short-Term Funding Alternatives Available to Banks

h. describe short-term funding alternatives available to banks;

i. describe repurchase agreements (repos) and the risks associated with them.