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Topic Career advice - how to get in portfolio management with a CFA degree
@2005-04-19 16:53:04
Hey guys,
I really need some career advice.

I have graduated from college last May with a Finance degree. I tried to land a job in the field, but because I am a foreigner (dont own a green card), I could not find anything. Instead, due to my All-American swimming background, I was offered a managerial position at some olympic pool, and I took it.

Now, fortunately, I am about to get my green card, and I can finally get in finance. But, I dont know where to start. I am starting my Executive MBA program in August, and sitting for CFA L1 in December. I dont know what kind of entry level position to apply for. I would like my position to satisfy the work experience requirements of CFA program. Also, in my position, I would like to learn a lot about financial industry, and investments; I want it to be fun, and challenge me intellegently.

I need some guidance, I want to get in portfolio managament one day in the future, and I just dont know what path is a good way to start.

Any comment will be appreciated.

Thanks a million.
@2005-05-02 18:59:07
@2005-05-03 14:25:38
thanks for the advice ncfa.
@2005-05-03 14:53:21
I can't decide If I should go ahead and start grad school now and get the MBA out of the way, or wait until I get in a better MBA program. (The school I am planning on attending is where I got my undergrad, and it is nothing spectacular, just a tier 3 school)
Most poeple say "unless you have an MBA from a good school, it wont mean anything, it is just a waste of time and money".

I am 24 already and I cant decide if you should get my MBA now from that tier 3 school ( I am assuming having an MBA will increase my chances to get a job), or wait till I get a finance job somewhere and get in a better program?

what do you guys think?
@2005-05-03 18:00:56
obviously mba aint all nd all untill u have a loads of exp behind u and that too having a stable career job. in ur case its only up to u ,y cant u get an entry level position right now while u r doing cfa ? dont consider salary at this stage just get ur shoes in the field simply or u just wtg for ri8 offer? nd obviously for a better mba prog u will have to wait bfr u get admission .
@2005-05-03 18:00:57
obviously mba aint all nd all untill u have a loads of exp behind u and that too having a stable career job. in ur case its only up to u ,y cant u get an entry level position right now while u r doing cfa ? dont consider salary at this stage just get ur shoes in the field simply or u just wtg for ri8 offer? nd obviously for a better mba prog u will have to wait bfr u get admission .
@2005-05-03 18:17:26
right now I am waiting on my green card. I cant get a job without it, and I know I have to start from scratch, and i dont care about money at all at this point. All I want to do is to get a position where I can get great experience and learn a lot about finance. Money aint all that important. Plus, with my lack of experience I cannot worry about salary anyway,or I will never get a job.
so you suggest that, I should wait to get my MBA?
@2005-05-03 19:18:54
if u cant work ri8 now , then y not "mba" but if u get into a top one or even a well known if not top , no hurry at all cfa is not going n e where ,, after "mba' u might get picked into a bank or n e fund ezily,
@2005-05-25 04:25:57
Why dont you work now, and study your MBA at night? Personally i think the CFA is far better, but by the time you finish the mba you will have the work experience behind you, to command a higher salary and better job than if you went straight into employment for the first time after college, even with an mba or cfa.
@2005-05-25 08:19:10
I do work now, it is just not a finance related field. and I am starting my MBA and CFA. I have aleady registered for CFA Dec 1. and applied MBA program which will start in 3 months. I will only take 2 MBA classes though, because the collge I will attend to is not a great one. I am thinking about taking 4 classes whole year, get a job somewhere else, and finish my masters at that new place where I will get a job.(assuming that there will be an above average college to attend whereever I get a job)
@2005-07-05 19:38:50
Drop the MBA quick before you are a swimming pool manager with an MBA. Experience will provide you with greater marginal gains than an MBA at this point in your career. Plus, why do you want to do finance if you don't have any experience in it?
@2005-07-06 18:12:59
What kind of statement is "Plus, why do you want to do finance if you don't have any experience in it?"
Because Finance is what I went to school for, and it is what I want to do with my life.

do you ask new law school graduates "why do you want to be a lawyer? you dont have any experince in it"?
@2005-07-08 00:15:02
mba is just a piece of paper - get relevant work experience regardless.
@2005-12-30 20:50:48
Honestly. The MBA is helpful and the CFA is helpful, depending on what you want to do with it. For a portfolio management career track, the CFA will help more.
@2006-01-07 02:37:25
So would an MBA and CFA really help me land an investment banking after I'm done with b-school?

@2006-08-20 14:46:07
I want to do CFA L1 in December.I am B.Sc graduate.I have completed my MCA from IGNOU.I presently work in an asset managemnet team in the research team.But my desire is to become an analyst.Can I opt for CFA?
@2006-08-28 05:05:50
Hello, Chaitali.

Where are you working in asset management? I am looking for openings in Asset Management and equity research, but sadly by broking background is not helping me.

As for the answer to your question, of course you can opt for CFA. You have the requisite qualifications and the CFA credential can help you further.
@2006-11-13 09:28:51
Pls. I'm in Nigeria. I have Degree in Accounting, MBA and ACA (Associate Chartered Accountants Of Nigeria). I am grossly underutilised. I heard about CFA from a friend. Pls I need your advice on how to go abt the exams in Nigeria and the job opportunity.
@2006-11-15 14:32:26
Hi. I'm in Malawi. I have a Degree in Accounting and writing the CFA Level 1 Exam in December. What are the job opportunities globally if any after passing the first level.
@2006-12-15 06:22:49
i want to know where i can apply for level I exam? if i passed level i ,ii and iii, i still need to have experience before i get charter license? i dont have any financial experience now, where can i find a job related to financial service and investment banking.i tried monster, hotjob and is not helping. could i get any hint?
@2006-12-17 14:41:06
Asher, you need the experience before you can apply for levl III
@2007-01-06 07:35:32
hey just finished my undergrad in finance and am torn between economics postgrad and cfa which should i prioritise
@2007-01-15 08:31:27
Doing an CFA is definitely more challenging and rewarding. There are just too many MBAs in the market and employers don't care if you are a MBA unless you got it from a top-tier B-School (Havard, Stanford, etc).
@2007-01-18 13:25:48
Hey guy
I finish my national diploma in Banking and finance hope to complete my programme because of the hardship/patronage of level of education in my country are weak. so i darely need a scholarship to complete my programme
@2007-03-05 19:23:37
I am presently pursuing a degree in Actuarial Science. With my grades I cannot compete in my field. I have some financial and statistical background and thought that I could try the CFA exams where I think I will be more competitive. Give me some advice on the areas where I may venture professionally with this. Yhans in advance.
@2007-04-23 00:24:33
focus on your cfa and then you can do mba why don't you try to apply for banks its a very great career but you enter their to credit or investment only you will acheive what you say above

good luck
@2007-05-07 15:48:35
what kind of work experince is required to apply for level 3 cfa...are there any specific norms to be followed...pls guide me what exactly are the job titles for which experience will be acceptd for applying to level 3 cfa

thanks rgrds
@2007-08-21 11:54:37
I am an Accounting graduate from Nigeria, and i intend to pursue CFA professional exam, could anybody tell me how to go about it.
@2019-06-19 10:09:32
Hello all,
I have just started my level one and intend to pass it in June. I am a student in Kenya. I have 4 questions..
1)What is the best route for growth and full utilization of the CFA qualification?
2)Is it best to target an investment bank or work in the corporate banking division and grow within that discipline?
3)Is any financial field in a stable corporate environment or experience in the banking ( non investment)good enough as a basis to qualify for level 3 or is it strictly experience within the investment field?
4) What are the main professions certified CFA members take up?

thanks guys