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Topic Continuing on a Unfinished Exam
@2019-06-14 12:50:56

I am a new guy in this forum. just signed up, but not sure sof ar on even navigating this website.

Does anyone know, if this website, stores your unfinished practice exam which you can go back later and continue and finish it?

What happend this morning, I started an exam w/30Q's on Ethics, but was not complete before I had to go for lunch. Once I came back, I see I was logged off and I do not know where to go and pick up last exam that I was working on.

So, I am not sure, if my exam, at least the exam was stored or not and how do I go by to retrieve the unfiished exam.

Level II Can...
@2019-07-02 14:26:50
You can find your unfinished/finished exams under "exam manager".