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Topic Ebook for iPad
@2015-01-17 08:23:55
Given that the CFA curriculum ebook mobile version is only available on Apple products, it would be great if the AnalystNotes Ebook were available on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.
@2015-01-17 23:04:05
Apple probably charges $60 out of $99. If you would like to get an ebook for $200 then AnalystNotes would probably offer one.
@2015-01-18 14:09:35
That would be great
@2015-01-19 14:52:40
it would be really worth having an ebook compatible with apple products.
@2018-02-28 12:36:07
Why do you guys want an ebook? It is just an complement of the web site, as both contain the same material. You can actually print out study notes and questions directly from the web site! I have analyst pro package and I never have any needs to use the ebook.