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Topic is anybody reviewing the course material for CFA level1 now while waiting for results?
@2019-07-07 13:52:41
Hi All,

Is any body still reviewing the course material for CFA L1. i am waiting for my result and not reviewing the material after exams are over. Don't know how the results will be , but that enthusiasm is not coming which had before the exams (might be due to results). Please suggest how to go about for revision?

As not able to concentrate much and waiting eagerly for results?
@2019-07-09 03:19:49
Why study if you don't know which exam you're studying for?
@2019-07-20 15:53:13
Don't bother studying now. It's a long journey, you should enjoy the 7 weeks off guilt free as you really don't know what you should be studying for.