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Topic No Financial Experience - What are some routes after the various CFA levels.
@2018-10-14 22:26:12
Hi all,

When you are reading some of the posts from forums, there is undoubtedly posts from engineers and IT professionals looking for a career change.

I was just wondering, for anyone who had no prior experience in the financial industry, how have they faired recently or in the past after the various levels. Or if you know of any other stories that may be of interest.

Any paths after completion would be appreciated, good or bad.

Also, any advice to get that initial experience required would be welcome.

Many Thanks (from myself and probably a few others)
@2018-10-24 06:20:50
I'm also one of those who is looking for answer. Thanks for asking this question and appreciate any answers.

What I'm thinking is that I might get to go in IT itself but in the finance side. That way, I'll have an edge over others. This is my worst case scenario.