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Topic Notes and general advice please
@2013-07-21 13:34:17

I have just graduated doing a relevant degree course. I have no work experience in the finance area. I also do not have the resources to afford training courses or different sets of notes. I am thinking about ordering one set of notes (e.g. Stalla). I have read everyone's comments on the various notes available. Will the Stalla notes be sufficient to pass level 1.

@2013-08-01 16:39:09
Get your concepts right...couldn't stress that enough. Make sure you UNDERSTAND the nitty gritty. You will not see much calculations...even those will be based on the core concepts. And while you are studying, make sure you aren't distracted. That never helps.
@2013-08-10 18:31:59
I just applied for the level 1 june exam. i work 10hrs a day. What more advice can you give? now, iam only trying to go through all the books and just try to find what is it about really,and found it's kind of interesting topics till now,I cant find the calculator in egypt till now, nut it is ok i'll get it. I feel level 1 is like ... level 1 yet it's critical, i took most of those topics in college but with a certain depth, come on tell me how to get pass it?
@2017-10-19 17:37:08
I never even heard of all these notes before. How should I study? i'm good at finance but I don't about using this calculator thing. It's new to me.