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I want to study with someone in Shanghai in Level I 2004-03-04
anyone in the boston area 2004-02-22
Study Group in San Juan, PR? 2004-02-19
Any One Preparing for CFA in LUTON UK 2004-02-15
Anyone in Tokyo, LevelIII 2004-02-08
Looking for study group in MD,DC area 2004-01-28
any level one candidate in DC/Baltimore area? 2003-12-27
any level II condidate from montreal 2003-12-26
Anyone from Cincinnati? 2003-12-17
London, Ontario 2004 Level 1 2003-12-07
Anyone from Chicago? 2003-12-02
Hi, Any one in dubai ?? 2003-11-19
Anyone from Long Island, NY 2003-11-06
Milwaukee Anyone? 2003-10-29
Anybody from Germany? 2003-10-29
Study Buddies 2003-09-19
I want to study with someone in toronto-level 2 2003-09-05
Study group in Toronto area for CFA Level 2 2003-09-05
Level ! study group in Toronto 2003-08-26
CFA Level 1 study group in London 2003-08-26
Lv1 study group in San Jose 2003-08-26
cfa level 1 study group in nyc. 2003-08-08
s.o from france or morocco! 2003-08-04
Study group for Level II 2003-07-21
Anyone from PORTUGAL? 2003-07-09
Study Group in NYC for the December Exam 2003-05-30
Candidates in So. Cali 2002-11-26