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The calculated F statistic of a two-tailed test is less than the test statistic. What conclusion will the researcher draw from this result?

A. The data provides sufficient evidence that there is a difference in the population variances with 90% confidence.
B. The data does not provide sufficient evidence that there is a difference in the population variances.
C. The researcher is unable to draw any conclusions about the data from this test.

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robkaz That is true for a 2-tailed test but not necessarily true for a 1-tailed test.
surob I think it doesn't matter whether it is one tailed or 2 tailed. What matters here is that calculated F statistic is less than test statistic.
tom1980 how about the null hypothesis you make ?
TheHTrader Is the calculated F statistic = critical value (by looking up the table of f-distribution? I am a little confused here.
jpducros For a F-Statistic, there is only a one-tail test possible, the right tail.
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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.


Learning Outcome Statements

construct hypothesis tests and determine their statistical significance, the associated Type I and Type II errors, and power of the test given a significance level

CFA® 2024 Level I Curriculum, Volume 1, Module 8.