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Basic Question 1 of 5

Most auditors' reports are ______.

A. qualified
B. adverse
C. unqualified
D. a disclaimer of opinion

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cfstester Except that if they are qualified, they will likely be fired next year.
Done Then what is a Qualified opinion?
anricus you would imagine a qualified opionion is a good one. but in fact an unqualified is the good one! Qualified - auditors disagree with accounting treatment (perhaps on one area)

Adverse - accounts are completly useless and wrong

Disclaimer - appropriate evidence not in place to form an opinion.
teddajr Qualified ->Disagreements exist.
Unqualified -> In accordance.
kutta2102 The term 'unqualified' should be understood with respect to what the auditor's report is trying to say - we've audited the company's financials and are COMPLETELY on-board with it - no caveats. If the audiotr's report said something like "we are in agreement with the accuracy of financial statements but the management did not take into consideration factors x,y,z...." -now that's a qualified opinion.
assiduous unqualified = I have an opinion and I do not need to qualify it
qualified = I have an opinion BUT I need to qualify it
adverse = I have an opinion; the financial statements are useless
disclaimer = I DO NOT have an opinion (a disclaimer basically say, "yes, I reviewed the financial statements but I was unable to form an opinion")
kingirm is it something good ????
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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!


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describe the objective of audits of financial statements, the types of audit reports, and the importance of effective internal controls;

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