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Subject 5. Financial Forecasting Project: Classifying and Predicting Sentiment for Stocks PDF Download
In a real-world big data project involving text data analysis for classifying and predicting sentiment of financial text for particular stocks, the text data are transformed into structured data for populating the DTM, which is often used as the input for the ML algorithm.

Please refer to the reading for the practical application of preparing, wrangling and exploring text based data for financial forecasting. The methods used in the application for extracting, selecting and engineering features from textual data have been discussed in previous subjects.

Learning Outcome Statements

describe preparing, wrangling, and exploring text-based data for financial forecasting;

describe methods for extracting, selecting and engineering features from textual data;

evaluate the fit of a machine learning algorithm.

CFA® 2023 Level II Curriculum, Volume 1, Module 7

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