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Subject 1. CFA Institute Professional Conduct Program PDF Download

The basic structure for enforcing the Code and Standards: Rules of Procedure.

The Disciplinary Review Committee (DRC) enforces the Code and Standards.

Professional Conduct staff monitor compliance through Professional Conduct Statements, public complaints, public information, and media reports.

The rules related to information-gathering and conviction follow a criminal justice system approach. The procedures require a careful investigation of the charges followed by a hearing, findings and appeal.

An overview follows:

  • Grounds for Discipline. Any act which violates the Code and Standards.

  • Investigation by Designated Officer (DO). The officer may conclude the inquiry with no disciplinary sanction, issue a cautionary letter, or continue proceedings to discipline the member or candidate. If the investigation determines that a violation occurred, a disciplinary sanction is recommended. The member or candidate may accept the recommended sanction or proceed to a hearing panel.

  • Hearing. If the member rejects the proposed sanction, a case against the member will be prepared and take place in front of a hearing panel of three or more members.

Authorized sanctions include suspension or revocation of membership/designation, private/public censure, and private reprimand.

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tamj i don't get it
magicchip tamj, what is it that you dont get?
Oneea Nice one
AUAU It's simple but may pose some detailpoints.
Like (DO), ground for discopline & hearing.
Vabes good
niemeljason The "code and standards" tell you how to behave,you have to abide by the "Rules of procedures".Any misbehaviour will be investigated by the DO,using the DRC to determine what will be the punishments...
seedorf yes its pose some detailpoints
dublin2010 where are the basic questions online?
puthu Hi where can I get level 1 formula sheet and level 1 sample questions and answers 2011?
Saxonomy You can get all that by Prayer and Fasting.
israt i dont understand
fsammari Nice one.
phoenix10 I dint get it
phoenix10 Help, Could some one give me a guide or a structure on how to prep for level 1 pls?
elmoudden Hi I'm a new member and I ask for help to prepare the level1. So if you have somethings can help me (course, guidance.... ) I would be grateful.
lordnelson Read the book titled 'Direct Path to the CFA Charter' by Rachel Bryant CFA to help study for the exams..
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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!


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