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Subject 7. Non-Mortgage Asset-Backed Securities PDF Download

Asset-backed securities are backed by a wide range of asset types.

Non-amortizing loans retain their original loan value during a specific period of their life before the stated maturity date, known as the lockout or revolving period. During this time, principal that is repaid is reinvested to replenish the collateral pool.

Auto Loan Receivable-Backed Securities

  • Underlying collaterals: amortizing auto loans and lease receivable
  • Prepayment risk due to repossession, early payoff, insurance settlement from wreck, sale of vehicle, or refinancing (rare)
  • Credit enhancement: senior/subordinated structure, reserve account, over-collateralization, excess interest on receivables

Credit Card Receivable-Backed Securities

  • Collateral is non-amortizing loans
  • Fixed or floating interest rates
  • The lockout period is the amount of time that principal repayments are reinvested in new receivables rather than returned to security holders. During this period the cash flow paid out to security holders is based only on finance charges collected and fees. The principal amortizing period is from the end of the lockout period through the end.
  • Early amortization is a type of credit enhancement. It is usually triggered when there is a sudden increase in delinquencies in the underlying loans or when excess spread, the issuer's net profit after deducting servicing fees, charge-offs and other costs, falls below an acceptable level.

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actiger Formula for ABS:

ABS = SMM / (1 + SMM (months elapsed - 1))

SMM = ABS / (1 - ABS (months elapsed - 1))
actiger ABS = monthly prepayment rate (% of the original loan amount)

SMM = monthly prepayment rate (% of the outstanding balance)
Oksanata why Absolute prepayment speed is ABS..is it just an error?
charliedba No it's not an error. This abbreviation (which, confusingly, is the same as that used for asset-backed securities) is commonly applied to securities backed by auto loans, truck loans, RV loans and auto leases.
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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
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