Ethical and Professional Standards

Reading 1. Ethics and Trust in the Investment Profession

Learning Outcome Statements

a. explain ethics;

CFA Curriculum, 2020, Volume 1

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Subject 1. Ethics

Ethics is the study of moral principles used to make good choices.

  • Ethical principles are beliefs regarding what is good, acceptable, or responsible behavior, and what is bad, unacceptable, or forbidden behavior. They provide guidance for our behavior.
  • Ethical conduct is behavior that follows moral principles.
  • Ethical actions are those actions that are perceived as beneficial and conform to the ethical expectations of society.

Ethics encompass a set of moral principles (code of ethics) and standards of conduct that provide guidance for our behavior. Violations can harm the community in a variety of ways.

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principles -- behavior
conduct -- what principle should followed.
actions -- actions are conform to the ethical




perceived : what is beleived
conform :comply with set of rules and regulations


Code of ethics: general guide regarding proper conduct by members.
Standards: serve as benchmarks for the minimally accepted behavior required by members.