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@2010-09-16 02:17:22
Hello friends from,

I am ChengWan, an MBA student from Manchester Business School. I am working on a research project to understand how students prepare for their CFA exams. I am hosting a focus group at Manchester Business School next couple of weeks hoping to hear your experience and ask some questions. For your time and efforts, I am offering 50 for each participant for a maximum of one and a half hours focus group meeting. If you are interested, please let me know.

Thank you.


ChengWan Zheng
@2010-09-17 05:15:58
The location of the focus groups will be in London and Manchester. Thanks.
@2010-09-17 09:30:49
I'd be happy to help - that is alot of $ for a student! please provide your phone #.

Cheers, Alex
@2010-09-20 03:42:07
Hi Alex,

Thanks. Are you in London or in Manchester? Please provide your phone number, and I will provide you with more detail and my phone #.



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