AuthorTopic: [Q] Calculater Usage (TI)
@2003-09-26 21:08:03
Is it possible to check the entry data with TI's BA II Plus?

For instance, after the TVM calculation, I want to check whether each parameter (i.e. PV, N, ...) were input correctly or not.

@2003-09-29 11:02:15
Yes. You can press the relevant button, which will show which parameter value you had entered.

@2003-09-30 06:13:16
Thank you for reply, Bobby.

You mean "the relevant button" is like PV button, N button,..., right?
If so, the values shown before pressing the keys are newly set.
Or you mean other buttons?

@2003-10-01 00:55:39
Man with your kind of intelligence ..i suggest you should not appear for the CFA exam...dude..just try out the calc..its gonna take you less time to try those things out than opening this website...
@2003-10-01 09:06:12
i think your right, the only way to learn is trial & error!!

@2003-11-24 05:38:54
to check the data on TI : press RCL button and press the data u want to check.

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