AuthorTopic: 10 mock exams - how's your performance?
@2017-11-07 14:40:36
I just tried #2 and #6. quite tough. ranked 64% and 68% respectively. How's your performance? Will the real exam easier? I heard from many people who took both the analystnotes mocks and the real one that the mocks here are tougher. is this true? give me some confidence please!
@2017-11-17 07:48:10
Hey littlecow, I attempted CFA1 this June and failed but was in band 10. My impression was that analyst notes mocks are much harder but they also say (and stats support that) that the Dec exam is harder than the Jun one. Anyhow, good luck bro

CFA Discussion Topic: 10 mock exams - how's your performance?

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.