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Saw this interesting blog somewhere:

1) Don't study aggressively in January/February. Your memory will faint as time goes.

2) Divide the 10 big topics into 5 parts and set up your schedule accordingly. It's better to study seriously for one day out of your weekend than to study randomly after work.
Part 1 - Quantitative Methods, Ethical and Professional Standards
Part 2 - Economics, Financial Reporting & Analysis
Part 3 - Equity, Fixed Income
Part 4 - Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management
Part 5 - Derivatives, Alternative Investments

3) Assign study time for each topics based on exam weights. You don't study 20 hours and struggle to understand the concepts for a topic with 5% weight on the exam.

4) Study Quantitative Methods in January/February. Score at least 90% on this topic. It?s one of the easiest topics. You just need to be careful on stupid mistakes.

5) For Ethical and Professional Standards, read case studies, do lots of questions, and understand the rationale behind each answer. Score at least 50% on this topic.

6) Study and review Financial Reporting & Analysis on a regular basis. Score at least 50% on this topic. It is difficult to pass if you get <50%.

7) Skip Derivatives and Alternative Investments if you don?t have time. They make up only 8% of the exam score. You can get 3% out of it just with some logic.

8) Setup intensive review schedule in the last two weeks of May. If possible, take a few days off. I will share with you how to setup the schedule in this period later.

9) Score at least 70% consistently on mock/practice exams. If you score <60% chances are that you will fail the exam.

10) Relax the night before the exam day and sleep early. Procrastination doesn't work.

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.