AuthorTopic: 156 Hours into Studying and a Shift in Thought...
@2018-07-15 13:27:52
I started studying in May for the CFA Level I this December as I front loaded my studying because of work increasingly growing busier as December approaches. So far I've logged 156 Hours and I wanted to share a shift in thought that I recently had with others while we are still early in the process.

A few Fridays ago I met a friend at a neighbor's barbecue who just took the CFA Level I in June. We discussed the CFA for awhile and Brian mentioned that if he could have changed one thing in his studying that he would have read as much of the CFAI Curriculum as he could have instead of just study notes.

I also recently had the opportunity to have dinner with the Chief Economist of American Realty Capital Group who shared much of his wisdom (four degrees from Harvard and MIT). He advised and encouraged me to learn to truly understand the material instead of merely learning for the sake of passing an exam.

I'm studying with AnalystNotes' Pro Package (mainly for its question bank) and I've read through the entire SchweserNotes for every Session - Some sessions I???ve read more than one time. After my conversations with these individuals, I've also read maybe 20% of various sections of the CFAI Curriculum. The difference I noticed in my understanding and depth of knowledge after reading the CFAI is like night and day.

By utilizing the CFAI Curriculum as my core material for studying, I honestly think it will make an enormous difference going forward and encourage others who were thinking of using only AnalystNotes or Schweser to try CFAI out as well.
@2018-07-31 23:41:43
vnikesh we should link up some time.

Anyways, I would agree with both of them. CFAI gives you more in depth explanation of the material albeit longer. Some parts on the test were not covered in Schweser or AnalystNotes. So if you are a boy genius and already think you know finance just go with a third party and take level 1.

However if you want to truly understand the material and have a higher chance at passing, I would go with CFAI.

I know if I decide to retake the CFA level 1 I will be using CFAI and maybe AnalystNotes for its 10 mock exams and try its review questions in the end only.

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
Edward Liu

Edward Liu