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@2002-09-03 16:38:00
Can anyone email me the study guide for 2003 level 1 study guide?

Thanks a lot in advance

@2002-09-04 02:20:00
You can download both 2003 and 2002 study guides from here:
@2002-09-04 16:08:00
Thanks a lot

@2002-09-04 18:40:00

Any idea what are the new amendment(s) in the coming CFA L1 2003 exam as compare to the previous 2002 CFA L1 ? OR is there any place i can find it ?

I'm wondering izzit possible to use old 2002 study notes to study for the exam rather than buying new study notes .. .which cost 100% more...

Anyway, this website is an excellent place for those taking CFA. however, i think those who doesn't have any finance / accounting background like myself ... might need more than this to comprehen the CFA Level 1 2003.


@2002-09-10 02:26:00
I believe if you don't have any finance or accounting background, any notes, study guides, ... cannot save you. You have to read textbooks --if this does not help, you'd better quit!

Mike Xiao

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