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@2003-11-09 19:44:27
I was planning on doing the exam in December but decided to postpone now until June '04. I have the 2003 Schweser Study Program but just wondering whether these books are still useful for 2004. The reason why I ask this is because I just downloaded the 2004 CFA Level 1 Study Guide Outline and I compared it to the 2003 CFA Level 1 Study Guide Outline and I noticed that the book editions changed (that's obvious) but also the recommended chapter readings changed in various study topics. Now either the author of the books changed the format of the book or AIMR decided to spice it up a bit and add / remove chapters from the readings. Please advise.
@2003-11-10 15:36:52
I didn't pass the June 2003 exam, so I have to rewrite, but couldn't do it in December.
I purchased all the new books except the economics book, only because I feel I have a good grasp of the economics material. I did a comparison when I first got the study guide and felt it was just too much hastle to try and organize the new study guide with the old books. It helps me in that my employer paid for what I needed.
There seems to be some significant differences in the Investment Analysis and Port. Mgt. book. The Derivatives book you definately have to get. Alternative Assets you definately have to get. Besides the economics book, the only other one you might be able to get away without buying is the Analysis of Financial Statements book. That one is very confusing though because they removed all of the case studies and put them into a study guide type book, so the page numbers are all way out to lunch.

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