AuthorTopic: 2005 Suggested Readings
@2004-07-14 12:02:47
Does anyone know what the suggested readings for the Level 1 exam will be? Will they be any different than the readings for 2005's Level 1?
@2004-07-17 14:13:43
Probably not much. They will most likely differ only on versions of text books (the newest books will be suggested of course, so one is unable to buy used). From '03-'04 it seemed to me that the order of the LOS's was altered, some added and some deleted but overall topics were quite similar. Never actually compared the reading lists as the learning outcome statements are what matters once studying begins. peace.
@2004-09-10 18:46:48
Somehow, I still find it incredible that the Candidate Readings can be trashed. What goes into them??

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