AuthorTopic: 2006 June Level I exam books changed
@2005-09-15 02:20:37
On CFA institute's website, it says: "we have assembled the assigned readings into four self-contained volumes." I wonder if anybody has purchased the new packaged books? How are they different from the curriculum before? Can I still use the old books?


@2005-09-15 17:06:23
It's discussed here
@2005-09-22 23:27:24
not sure, cfa slow to respond to inquiry re: what's included in complied curriculum 2006 from 2005 curriculum & supplemental. 2005 curriculum has economics: private & public but for compiled 2006 it's under supplemental materials (as per cfa bookstore site). it would be a lot of help if somebody could list which topics were compiled for 2006 package worth $395; curriculum & supplemental (like solutions manual etc)
@2005-09-28 01:38:16
Did anyone buy printable notes and 6 mock exams from If so, was it helpful?
@2005-10-04 16:48:15
yeah, the printable notes are great. I bought the CFA books but RARELY look at them because the notes provide pretty significant detail. Plus the questions w/ the notes make me realize how complicated some topics are.
@2005-10-20 18:44:58
has any of you bought the changed materials for 2006 Level-I? any one from India?
@2005-11-03 09:49:38
Hi Salman,
This is Sumeet from Mumbai!
@2006-03-03 12:51:25
Hi Kayvon,
You ahve mentioned that you have relied completely on the analystsnotes to prepare for the CFA examination. Using schewser notes I appeared for level one Dec 2005, but was unable to clear it.. so do u suggest if analyst notes would be relible.. pls advise.
@2006-03-06 05:38:18
Hi SalmanBD:

I'm based in HK, but originally from BD.
I've purchased the changed material for Level I...
@2006-03-19 18:05:13
hello everyone,
If I have last year CFA level 1 notes from, you reckon I need to buy a new set again? Or they are the same?
@2006-03-23 08:25:32
Hi Kayvon

You have purchased which printable notes Analyst or AIMR, if AIMR I am ready to share cost.
@2006-05-05 05:18:07
how does analystnotes subscription work? I had the impression that the $69 is a one-time thing, no matter how many times one takes to clear CFA L1?
@2006-05-06 18:04:16
I had the impression that you sign up for a certain exam (e.g. June or December) and then the access expires at the date of the intended exam. If you're a paying member, you get access to printable versions of the notes, plus you don't have to wait for the orange pop-up window to disappear.
@2006-05-10 10:00:52
Hi Kayvon,

I reckon that you are one of the experienced guy around here, wish that you could share with us yr experience with the different material. If Analyst notes are sufficient to clear level 1, then we will be saving quite alot. But i am unsure whether the material covered in Analyst notes are enough to clear the exam. Hope you can give us your expert opinion. Thanks in advance.
@2006-07-12 13:37:21
Analyst notes are very useful, however I would highly recommend getting your hands on the CFA study material, the examples and Q&As given therein are, I think, more reflective of the types and level of questions expected in the real exams. Besides I think its always better to have different study material to read and reference.
@2006-08-13 16:40:23
Apart from analyst notes can anyone please recommend book for L1.

Thanks a lot

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!