AuthorTopic: 2007 and 2006 L1 Curriculum Difference?
@2006-11-04 07:46:54
Anyone knows what are the differences in curriculum of 2007 and 2006? I have the L1 study notes of 2006, but not sure if this is good enough to prepare me for the june 2007 L1 exam?
@2006-11-05 17:01:02
Just in case anyone out there is interested, i've made a comparison between 06 & 07 LOS. I've used the study notes 2006 to compare with 2007 LOS obtained from cfa institute website. Here's what i think...

LOS present in 2007 but not convered by 2006 notes:

Reading 14 Efficiency and Equity
Reading 15 Markets in Action
Reading 16 Organizing Production
Reading 21 Demand and Supply in Factor Markets
Reading 25 Money, Interest, Real GDP, and the Price Level
Reading 30 International Finance
Reading 37 Worldwide Accounting Diversity

LOS present in 2007 but only partially covered by 2006 notes:

Reading 17 Output and Costs
Reading 22 Monitoring Cycles, Jobs, and the Price Level
Reading 23 Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand
Reading 26 Inflation

Other LOS should be more or less the same, although the wordings and structures might differ. The topics covered under Book 2 - Economics changes the most.

CFA Discussion Topic: 2007 and 2006 L1 Curriculum Difference?

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