AuthorTopic: 2009 CFA testing change!!
@2008-05-02 15:26:52
I was reading on the CFA Institute site that starting in 2009 questions will have only 3 choices for answers instead of the 4 used now.
For example, A. B. C. instead of the A. B. C. D. used now.

They claim that it will make now difference.

How does everyone feel about this?
@2008-05-06 13:38:27
I think it should remain at 4
@2008-05-07 13:17:01
Seriously? Increasing our odds? Doesn't seem logical. I thought getting a CFA was a distinction. Moving to this route seems to offset the overall plan. Maybe LII/LIII will be tougher.
@2008-05-07 17:17:19
I think they should change it to 1 :)
@2008-05-15 15:12:16
Could you give the link? It is really interesting... Maybe questions will be more difficult and complicated....

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt