AuthorTopic: 2010 Dec L1 Online study group
@2010-06-04 18:14:31
I am living in Providence, RI, USA and working in Boston, MA. I plan to give L1 exam in Dec. Not sure if there are people in the area, but anyone interested for online study group?

Good luck!
@2010-06-07 00:29:37
Hi Prachi - count me in.
Not really sure what an online study group entails - but at the least, sounds like a good forum to compare each others' progress with the material, so we can keep on track.

I haven't exactly had luck with keeping disciplined with the readings so far - so could certainly use some motivation! :)
@2010-06-10 05:54:39
i am interested to join your forum
@2010-06-10 17:27:38
sounds good! i just received my notes you know what sequesnce you guys plan to start? i have heard that decipline is the most imprortant thing, hence i wanted some company so we can ensure we stay on track. Have u prepared any study plan? i was checking on the internet if there is any suggested sequence for studies..lets have a plan so we can keep each other on track. what do u say?

@2010-06-11 01:58:11
Passmark will be somewhere between 65-70%, if you get 70%+ you're more or less guaranteed to pass. Exam was considerably easier than Analyst notes exam Qs so I am pretty confident. However, none of us will know until late July/Early August, so there is no point in thinking too much about it!!!!
@2010-06-11 09:25:39
I would like to join. It is better to start with Ethics and Quant. Quant is used in throughout the curriculam.
@2010-07-26 22:01:47
Hello All,

I am taking the CFA Level 1 this December. I live in Providence, RI.

Is anyone interested in setting up a study group? I have a flexible schedule.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!