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@2011-01-07 14:36:44
Hi There,

Does anyone have their CFAi Curriculum handy? I'm at work and I do not. The reason I ask is because I was curious - how many pages of actual text are there to read across all six volumes? I am not including the pretty sizable number of pages towards the end of the books for the index and glossary. Can anyone out there quickly leaf through their books and provide a Volume by Volume breakdown? If none responds by tonight, I'm going to do it myself and I'll share it with you guys. Just curious.

@2011-01-08 10:53:22
I know you all were eagerly waiting...just kidding. Well, here it is:

Ethical and Professional Standards and Quantitative Methods - 592
Economics - 506
Financial Reporting and Analysis - 675
Corporate Finance and Portfolio Management - 305
Equity and Fixed Income - 569
Derivatives and Alternative Investments - 277

Grand total: 2,924 pages
@2011-01-08 18:30:12
So that averages out to about 17.2 pages/day.

If you want review time;

1 month- 20.88 p/day
2 months- 26.58

Not too bad if you start early. I think that it would not be impossible to learn 26.5 pages/day cold and hold down a full time job. Plus 60 days of review is pretty good.

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