AuthorTopic: 2hr lunch break
@2010-05-25 23:23:01
So do they give you all of the questions in the morning? If so, what's to stop one from trying to find answers to the questions you don't know the answers to during the lunch break?

@2010-05-26 00:26:44
They will not give all the questions in the morning.

They will distribute the questions to morning and afternoon sessions - 120 questions in the morning and 120 questions in the afternoon with 90 mins lunch break in between. However these 120 questions will be taken from each subject area both in the morning and afternoon sessions.
@2010-05-26 00:44:00
So what you are saying is that in the morning we will have 120 questions from all 18 subject areas, and then 120 more question in the afternoon from all 18 subject areas. Is that right?
Someone told be that the morning would be areas 1-9 and afternoon would be 10-18......
@2010-05-31 04:54:16

You have got it right.

Its not 1-9 in the morning and 10-18 in the afternoon.

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