AuthorTopic: 3 levels Exams on 12/2008
@2008-06-12 14:09:10
if I have ability to take the 3 Exams for that 3 levels on 12/2008 .

is this available under Institute conditions ?
does the institute prevent the candidate to take more than one exam at the same date (e.g 12/2008)?

please feedback me
thnx 4 all
@2008-06-13 17:01:41
I'm sorry but that is a really stupid question. Its not physically possible to take more than one test in a day because they are all administered at the same time. What are you going to do, take one in Japan then fly a supersonic jet to New York where you will take another level? You wouldn't even be allowed to sit for level 2 if you hadn't completed level 1 first so it looks like you are out of luck.

Please tell me this wasn't a serious question?
@2008-06-15 04:14:04
It's not allowed to take all 3 exams on a single day

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