AuthorTopic: 3 months prep for CFA Level 1
@2018-09-27 14:01:49
I just received my CFA books and am taking level 1 in December. It's obviously a bit tight of a schedule, but hopefully I can make it happen.

Question. Should I study ethics last since it's such an important part of the exam and it will be fresh on my mind when I take it? Is there a certain order I should follow when studying the various topics?

@2018-10-03 02:19:59
I think you have plenty of time to prepare for and pass level 1 in december.

the cfai textbooks are a series of academic articles so it takes ages to read them. the analystnotes are written as a learning tool.

read anslystnotes or schweser, regularly refresh what you?ve studied, do a lot of basic and review questions, do every cfai written question you can find and a load of mocks at the end and you?ll be ok.

for ethics you need to read the cfai books though but leave that until october november
@2018-10-16 07:38:18
how to study the basics in 2 weeks

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