AuthorTopic: 300 hours needed to pass the cfa exam?
@2020-01-12 01:49:09
When they mean 300 hours of recommended studying. Does that mean 300 hours solely on just reading, or does that include time for practice problems/sets as well? or not?
@2020-01-15 14:55:36
For everything.

Also take that with a grain of salt, since the average says that it spent 300 hours to study, but the average doesn't pass the exam. So it can be less or more, depending on every person.
@2020-01-27 07:59:58
Yes. What nada586 said. 300 is just what they estimate. Many people spend a lot more time, many people less. Even the study programs all say to follow what you feel is best, but 300 is the average, so if you don't know your own study habits at least aim for 300 hours of prep.

CFA Discussion Topic: 300 hours needed to pass the cfa exam?

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