AuthorTopic: 34% passing rate. are you kidding me?
@2010-02-01 09:16:31
Do you think it was a lack of studying for the exam or the exam in itself being harder than it was in the past?

I would've expected more people to study for the exam (since many ppl have been laid-off and especially if you are going to bother sitting through all 6hrs)

What do you think was the reason?
@2010-02-03 21:06:01
The Dec 2009 L1 exam for me was in all honesty bloody tough - tougher than any of the mocks and practice papers that I took (CFA/Schweser).

I did pass comfortably with 7 subjects over 70 but when I left the exam hall I really felt like roadkill ! ran out of time in the afternoon session and had to make some educated guesses for about a dozen questions in the last five minutes.
@2010-02-05 11:26:53
I think because of the current job market, many more finance professionals took the exam hoping to get an edge in their job search.

They didn't realize how difficult the exam actually was and failed. I doubt they will re-register. We'll see a nice increase in pass rates in June 2010, and a decrease in absolute candidates.
@2010-04-09 04:40:25
I think the trend here is the opposite of the historical trend with people getting MBAs . MBA programs want people with a few years of work experience because it gives better context to the material, and results in better overall performance.

I first thought about the charter in the late 90's when a number of my colleagues sat for the test. They all had several years of experience and/or MBAs. I think everyone who took the test back then was at least 25.

Now more and more people are taking the test right out of school, or even while they are finishing college, and I think without the hands on experience its very tough to get a real solid grasp on much of the material. I think that this is the real cause of the decline in scores - a younger average candidate base.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!