AuthorTopic: 45 days to go and I just started studying
@2018-10-20 11:51:56
Hi fellow candidates,

I am re-sitting for the Level I exam in Dec '18, having failed the exam in June with a band 6. However, I have only just started studying for the exam a few days ago.

With 45 days left to the exam day, what do you guys suggest I should do for my study plan? Any ideas? I plan to try and finish studying everything by November 1st and then do as much practice questions as possible.

When I failed in June, I did not do much practice questions and barely finished reading the materials (only started to study 3 weeks before exam). I hope I can finish reading this time around.
@2018-10-21 14:18:09
You could try completing two readings every day (74 readings / 2 = 37 days) which leaves 8 days for mock exams and taking practice tests.

Alternatively, try skipping the material altogether and just read the end-of-chapter summaries/study notes here.

Good luck
@2018-10-22 08:13:38
Since you have taken the exam before (with a pretty OK score of 60%), I think should spend more efforts concentrating on mock exams of analystnotes'.

If you have notes, review those and just keep doing practice questions. In 4 weeks you should be able to finish all of practice questions.

Good luck!
@2018-10-30 11:20:14
Emphasize the area you scored lowest on your first attempt. Interestingly the highest correlation between candidates who don't pass the exam as a whole is with those who don't pass Quantitative Methods even though it has equal weighting to Equity and I think Debt.

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