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@2017-10-17 00:25:39
I have 5 sessions left to study plus formulas from other most of the sessions. 3 of those sessions are Financial statements analysis and 1 is Ethics. I hope i complete things on time. I m really tensed. The problem is that i cant study more than 3 hours a day. Does anyone have a tip for me to increase the study time.

@2017-10-21 13:55:38
All I know is that you should not overstudy because then you will completely blank out on the don't have to memorize all the formulas (I am definitely not)...make sure you understand the concept behind them; I think that is more important cuz CFAI is getting very analytical. Remember, this exam is not a matter of life and death:
If you pass, GREAT and if you don't, the sun will still rise the next day and life will go on about its way...hope that helps.

Ironically enough, even I feel better after writing this :)
@2017-10-22 22:38:15
Use the mock exams analyst notes gives you - don't worry about plowing through every word of the study sessions; the more questions you are exposed to that make you think in the way you will have to for the test, the better off you will be.

After taking a mock exam, go through it and figure out what you missed and why, then bounce back and forth between areas to study each day so you don't get burned out ... I know the feeling of not being able to study as much as you want, the material is simply very dry.

Hope this helps, just an idea :)
@2017-10-23 20:42:53
to csoni:
I haven't read the last 6 study sessions at all, but I have some notions of what the things are about there. From the studying experience, simple reading is not the best strategy, as well as solving the tests in schweser books.
Right know I am solving mock exams at analystnotes and will solve the mock exams provided at the CFAInstitute as well. Next weekends I am going to solve the exam online.

I solved first mock exam using books and notes. In this way I try to structure the knowledge. I think my 4-6th mock exams will be without books at all.

well, hope this strategy will help for me, otherwise my wife will kill me for killing my time and ignoring her without any result :)
@2017-10-24 09:01:08
csoni, i am right there with the same problem. there are many sessions i haven't studied yet but like isida said, don't worried too much or overstudy. I also think alike with Mattg and Vibis, just try to do mock exams.
Hope you do best.
@2018-11-05 11:14:02
Are you going to take the 2018 December exam ?

because if you do, you have to master ethics and financial analysis... it's the core of the first level (15% & 30%)...

my advice : read a resume of ethics and do a lot of practice questions. for analysis work SS8&9, i am sure that they are really more important thant SS7&10.

If you don't have a lot of time, it's a question of yield : work SS1, SS8, SS9, its only 3 over 5 SS. Then do a lot of questions. And try to take 5 mock exams. It's really more important to master the SS, than doing 20 mock exam.

I have finished all the SS and have read twice some of them (3/4). But now i have to review quickly every SS for a last time. I have done 2500 Schweser questions (80%). But it's only the basic one. I need to do all the analyst notes review questions, and some mock exam. I'm really not self-confident... i scored only between 55% and 80% on analystesnotes. But as i'm no more going to my school, i have almost 8 to 10 hours a day... but as weird as it is, my knowledge are'nt deepth...

sorry for my english, i'm French, so i make a lot of mistakes :)

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