AuthorTopic: 60Hrs for 60K
@2005-08-01 10:19:22
Anybody else working ~60hrs/week for roughly a mere 60K?
@2005-08-03 09:21:50
dude, you've been misinformed.
plenty of people here from 80-200K with a pretty stress-free and 9-5 job at least half of the time.
@2005-08-05 23:59:30
I work 7:30 to 5:00 for 60k. Then I go to the beach after work and enjoy my life. I would rather have a life than make a boat load of money. Although I probably would work 50-60 hours a week for 100k.
@2005-08-07 04:43:24
yeah true but those people are pikers, there are plenty of back office and ops people that stick it out for 8-12 years and make $80-$120k all in. figure if u get out of college and work at say morgan stanley in back office you get $55k to start and then if u get like a 5% raise year after year on average you'll be pulling a little over $80k by the time you're 30. you'll be brainless but thats ok, $80k working 9-5 counting beans i guess works for some people. and thats just salary, figure u get some bonus too, not huge ones but 10-50% of your salary. we worked on a proj for an ib that had a prop desk that morphed into an inhouse hedge fund, the back office had a small staff and guys that were staffed there from other back office departmetns were getting $60-$90k + a bonus up to that level. friggin nuts, our recommendation was to keep that back office lower but at th end of the day u need a good back office/ops.

if u want a good paycheck and want to be a nobody but be secure and all that sht, back office at a bulge bracket is a good gig i gues.

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