AuthorTopic: A bit worried about my scores
@2018-04-30 15:59:14
hi guys

i want to ask this question to those ppl who cleared their level 1 . i have been studying cfa material for the past 4 months and till now i have completed all the six books and revised twice ( except quantitative, economics). and i have solved all end of chapter questions twice except for fixed income, dev and alternate. even after doing so much i m not getting confidence. last week i tried solving 2018 analystnotes mock exam #1 and my afternoon section was very bad. and i m worried abt if they give something like that then definitely i will fail. is this normal or should i be really about this?

thanks for reply.

@2018-05-09 23:09:05
Focus on the areas which you find weak and review your afternoon session each and every question. Try to figure out whether you lack in understanding of the material or understanding of the questions. CFA Exam is not about knowledge but also about skills. Usually we focus on the knowledge part but forget about the skills. Level I is simply the testing of your ability to recall things and apply them with some trickiness involved in the question. First of all figure whether you are tricked by the question or you are lacking in recalling the material. After that devise your strategy and revise the areas which you find weak and appear in maximum practice questions.

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