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@2018-07-20 00:25:00

I am an Accontant, recently joined a MF company, thinking seriously to pursue the CFA designation.
I am 38 YRs old, all my past experience was in Accounting, not any finance experience. My question is that too late for me, to change my career to Finance, considering my age ? could that be a barrier for me to get ahead in finance career later ?

Thanks for your advice
@2018-07-22 13:09:56
Its never too late to change Bassel.
Is your experience in accounting as an accountant or an auditor?
What industry were/are you working in during you previous experience?

The answers to these questions will build upon each other to answer your questions.

When you said MF is it mutual fund or manufacturing?
@2018-07-29 11:53:47
All my experience was in corporate accounting, as an Accountant. currently, I work in a mutual fund company.

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