AuthorTopic: A dumb question about exam format
@2017-03-29 22:13:51
My apologies, I'm sure it's somewhere obvious, but my brain is mush right now; but are the questions on the exam organized by topics?? Ie. There will be an Ethics section of those questions, an Econ section, an FRA section, etc.

God I hope so...
@2017-03-30 06:30:08
I wondered the same thing a couple months ago and could not find it on their website anywhere. I saw a similar post here and the consensus responses were that the exam is divided by topics and you could do the topics in whatever order you choose. Again, this is my first attempt and could not verify this anywhere on the CFA site, but this is my understanding based on others' responses. Hope this helps.
@2017-04-27 19:22:15
Yes they go in order of topics. when you take the exam, go straight to your stronger areas and start answering questions from there, it will build your confidence for when u get to ur weak areas. You will def see questions and wonder where the eff did this come from. dont sweat it.

My 2 cents

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