AuthorTopic: A few CFA registration questions
@2018-05-16 01:21:01
Well, I'm a little confusing about something in this test.

I plan to take the exam (level 1, of course) before I finish my graduation, can I?

About costs. I have to pay only the registration of the exam or anything else?

There are really difference between the year of the books to study to the exam??

@2018-05-16 06:09:33

The curriculum is included in the exam registration fee, but you might want to purchase 3rd party study materials as well. I don't know if there is still a 1 time fee to register in the program or not (there used to be).

@2018-05-24 17:52:52
Don't study off of old materials. The curriculum can change subtly and occasionally substantialy from year to year, and - at least when I took the exams - CFAI liked to test new material to make sure no one was studying off of old stuff.

Now that your fees include your own copy of the study material, this is less important than it used to be, but it still becomes relevant when purchasing materials from third-party study providers. It's also a little less important at Level 1, because the key items of basic finance dont' change that much over time, but how they decide to test it and what aspects they emphasize can.

The only time you might use old materials is if you want to get started immediately and have old stuff available in front of you? but you would want to make sure to get the updated materials and switch to them as soon as possible.

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