AuthorTopic: a question about CFA level 1 recommended reading
@2013-10-21 09:47:46
Hi all!

I've been studying Study Notes for a while and noticed that there is both micro and macro economics chapters... (which is, of course, normal)

What is strange is that CFA doesn't have any chapters on microeconomics. If you go to CFA institutes web page under CFA program you find Course of Study, and then there is a Topical outline.

Check the third outline, which is economics. All the topics are macroeconomics topics...

I wonder if there is something wrong... Or don't we have to study microeconomics?
@2013-11-03 17:11:36
You should based your study on study sessions and LOSes.

LOSes are over 30% different for the 2013 and 2014 exams. Both years have micro-economics.
@2013-11-05 04:03:33

thank you
@2013-12-01 17:22:46
I compared study guides between 2013 and 2014 and found about 5 new readings and 7 deleted reading, lus numerous updates, changes, etc.

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