AuthorTopic: A question about CFA membership inactivation
@2019-09-07 13:24:10
Hi, I’m a long time lurker and first time poster. I recently passed the Level 1 exam, so I am looking toward making good use of the next few months before I start working on the Level 2 exam. From the CFA Institute website, it looks like I am ready to apply for regular membership. It’s a good time for me to ask for recommendation letters from my current employer, and I think it would be better to get the membership completed early in case I for some reason run into issues with the work experience qualifications.

Of course, I can’t be sure how long it will take to finish the entire examination process. Retaking an exam or two is certainly a possibility. And while I would be paying dues during the remainder of the examination process, annual dues could become expensive if the examination process takes longer than I expect.

My question is whether membership inactivation is as straightforward as it seems from the website. Is it feasible to simply apply for membership, then after approval inactivate the membership to avoid annual dues, only to reactivate membership a few years in the future? Honestly, I am relying on my employer to fund the examination process, but reimbursement for annual dues is not an option. Would anyone that has temporarily allowed their membership to expire care to share on their experience? I would hope that one would not need to reapply for membership after inactivation.

CFA Discussion Topic: A question about CFA membership inactivation

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