AuthorTopic: A question about text books.
@2002-09-03 02:47:00
I saw a place to sell gravure text books. But I am not sure if these text books are SAME with the original ones. Does anybody know?
@2002-09-09 18:37:00
Did you find out if they are the same textbooks? Do you know where they are located, I only found a beeper and phone number on the site.

@2002-09-10 01:59:00
Basically, I do not support using other subsitute text bk other than those assigned by AIMR. I got several reasons.

The curriculum of CFA is specified by 2 factors:
1) assigned text bk
2) LOS - the learning outcome statements, i.e. learning objective which tell you what is aimed to study in the assigned readings.

So only those assigned text bk exactly included all the LOS. Since different text bk got different approaches of presentation, they may not necessarily elaborate the required LOS in same approaches. Thus, if you use other subsitute text bks, you probably miss some important LOS that may be tested in the exam.

Those mentioned on DMC are subsitute text bk they claimed similar to the official assigned readings. I've go through the bk names. I don't think it is the case. If you buy their bk, you have to judge running the risk as mentioned above.

@2002-09-10 18:26:00
Thanks Norman
@2002-09-13 04:45:00
I have just brought two books from dmc-china: the portfolio management and the financial anaylsis one. They are pretty good and only cost 1/4 of the US printing. I have heard that the Chinese publisher has bought the copy right, it is just cheap to product them in china.
@2002-09-13 18:49:00
HI CFA girl,
Where are they located? Do they have a bookshop?
@2002-09-16 03:31:00
Hi Vetta, I am in Europe. Bought the book two weeks ago when I was in Shanghai.
@2002-09-16 05:11:00
you can buy the book in beijing. The print house is right in beijing.
@2002-09-16 08:10:00
Do you know where in Beijing I can buy them Jooey?
Thanks. What is the name of the print house?
@2002-09-17 02:00:00
@2002-09-17 09:46:00
I am a newcomer to this site. can we be buddy for this topic. I want to take CFA.

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