AuthorTopic: A trick that works for me.
@2017-12-30 14:14:21

I've just got back from work after another brutal study session, and it dawned on me tonight that the key to the study process when you're dead tired is to work on questions rather than learning.

Doing questions is obviously much easier, as you are only stretching to remember what you already know, rather than trying to absorb. I also find the lazy state of weariness actually induces those types of tiny errors that you're likely to be making under the pressure of the exam. Spotting where you're likely to make these errors is often half the task.

Reading in the morning.
Testing in the evening.

Oh and if you aren't able to convince your doctor you have ADD, go for guarana tablets, as good as couple of coffees.

Anyone else got any stamina tips? Haha.
@2018-03-02 13:50:18
I agree doing questions is more important and I normally work for a couple of hours on review questions here in the evening: unfortunately I have a full-time job and cannot do it during the day time.

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