AuthorTopic: About CFA - where to start
@2015-04-11 03:33:26
Dear candidates i am going to appear in the CFA level 1 exams in December 2015 i want to ask those candidates that have cleared CFA level 1 from where did they prepared either the only used the notes or what please guide me out.
@2015-04-18 09:11:21
ummmm I don't think anyone on here has cleared Level 1...

I'm Writing in June 2015. Read the books!! and Practice mock exams here..
Thats what i've heard from a couple of Charter Holder I work with.. But It really depends on your educational background and how much time you plan on putting in...
@2015-05-07 07:25:36
I passed level 1 last June and it completely depends on your background and how you learn. Certain things you are already familiar with you probably just have to do a few questions. Other things require more in depth study.

I work best doing random questions over and over again, getting them wrong 50 times until I finally get the concept to stick. Other people learn better a different way and still pass.

CFA Discussion Topic: About CFA - where to start

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!