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@2005-06-19 00:19:17
Hi i live in pakistan i wanted to ask that do you need to use a different type of scientific calculator for CFA examinations not the normal scientific calculator. And y do we need to purchase books when we are purchasing the notes of CFA
@2005-06-20 05:03:27
please check & read the threads.
@2005-06-21 14:06:39
you don't need a scientific calculator for the exam, you need a financial calculater, and that's something different entirely.
As for purchasing notes of CFA, CFA doesn't sell notes, and they strongly recommend that you don't only rely on notes. Notes are ok to use for the areas where you have a lot of experience, but unless you're very comfortable with a topic, the notes simply aren't enough
@2005-07-18 11:06:55
Hey rashid1:

Greetings from the other side of the world. Due yourself many favors my friend. Buy the textbooks anyway you can, read every chapter outlined in the 'Study Sessions'. This is all recommended by CFA Institute(dot org.).
@2005-07-18 16:02:37

CFAI recommends 250 hours of study. There are 80+ chapters of textbook readings for level 1. That gives you about 3 hours per chapter. You may need to read a chapter several times and do some questions before mastering its content. Do you think 3 hours is enough? For me it's not, partly because I am not a native English speaker.

Ideally we should complete all textbook readings and associated questions. The truth is we may not have the time to do so. Overstudying is not an effective way to prepare for the exam, I believe.

My advice is: if you are new to or pretty weak on one subject, get the textbook. If you already studyied a subject (such as accouting) before, then read notes first to see if you are comfortable with it.

I only bough Ethics and Fixed-income textbook for my level 1 last year, and relied on analystnotes' study materails for the rest of study guide. The strategy worked well.

Hope this helps.
@2005-07-18 16:43:33
First off Leslie:

I probably couldn't read a menu in your native language. I would be able to point at something and nod at the server. So I cannot even grasp the idea of reading CFA material in a second language. Oh my God, Im dim.

But yes, yes, rashid, buy all the textbooks, read the entire Study Guide from the website, understand what is contained in the 18 Study Sessions, know what will challenge you more, consider buying study notes for those areas that are not as strong, and realize there are twenty(20) weeks left until test day. Usually, from what I understand, CFA Level I candidates spend about a week per study session.

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