AuthorTopic: accountant?
@2003-06-03 14:07:06
I was just wondering whether CFA would be suitable for me. I am into accounting and would like to continue there. I am not sure how CFA is going to help me in an accounting career. Thanks
@2003-06-10 19:20:16
well you should do the CPA. duh.
@2003-06-18 05:49:52
Also, it depends how creative is the accounting you enjoy. CFA is not just about accounting, but more about so called creative accounting, as far as i know.
@2003-06-20 22:11:02
why bother if you're not sure?????? it may add value if you want to change job. you may also do a little survey to see how many accountants've got CFA. there may be some other accounting exam, e.g. CMA, for you to pursue......good luck!!!!
@2003-06-23 17:12:22
It really depends on your career preferences. I was a partner with a "big 5" accounting firm. Most of the large firms run sizeable corporate finance and transaction support businesses. If you are interested in the field of M&A, I would strongly recommend the CFA program. I am a CPA and I can tell you that the focus is very different. I sat for L1 and sometimes wonder how did I function as a partner without the knowledge I gained and continue to gain from the CFA program.

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