AuthorTopic: Activities Aiding CFA Curriculum
@2020-01-26 23:02:15
Before I get into this, I know many people are going to recommend doing something outside of studying and the typical CFA hermit life, such as working out or binge drinking (or both). However, I found it easier to pick up certain hobbies or activities that helped me apply and aid to learning the new material. For example, I started listening to different business and economics podcasts when I was studying for that certain topic. Now that I've cleared level 1 I'm going to start going to my local CFA society meetings and luncheons to see what's up and try to live a better finance life.

Has anyone else here picked up different activities that aided their experience?
@2020-02-04 12:07:47
Work... I volunteer on a non-profit board and with another non-profit as an advisor for their finance committee. I’m taking the opportunity to study FRA by crunching stats in their financial statements (Both orgs.). The board treasurer that runs the finance committee happens to be an accounting professor. So, I pick his brain a little when its relevant to our discussion. This stuff is a part of my business. So, I eat sleep and drink finance. Money relaxes me

CFA Discussion Topic: Activities Aiding CFA Curriculum

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Colin Sampaleanu