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@2018-07-22 10:17:32

need some advice here.. Sad to say I have failed twice and June 18 will be my third attempt.. Will attending lesson from a Exam prep provider help? Can anyone advice me? I m lost...

@2018-07-22 21:23:24

look am pretty new in this field , am heading for june too, but at my orginial career (IT) we used to take lots of cisco and microsfot exams, where we always use known brand names for questions, that are exactly the same pool of the exam , so we go to the exam with almost zero risk, there must be somthing like that for the cfa
@2018-10-17 12:22:26
First of all, I'm really sorry that you had to go through this. Secondly, I think analystnotes study notes and question bank can help you.

All, you need to do is study analystnotes thoroughly and solve as many questions as you possibly can. There is no least number of question you need to solve. But, outta the 8000 they have, I think you should do around 5500-8000.

And, there is another thing. Why aren't you taking the exam Dec 2016? Then you can appear for L2 in June 2017. There is a lot of time till Dec. By the way, I hope you were talking about the L1 exams. Best of Luck. Bye.
@2018-11-30 15:22:28
Thanks for the advice..I will definitely try as much qns as possible this time. I opted for next year L1 as I wanted more time to revise coz I feel I did not understand the concepts and that y I failed. So I hope to spend more time to revise again hoping that next year June 19 will be a gd year and I do not have to try again...:p

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