AuthorTopic: Advice for past entrepreneur trying to break into portfolio mgmt/analyst world...
@2015-05-18 12:25:21
I figure there must be some gainfully employed people with proper experience on this board, so let me propose my situation to perhaps gain some insight which I perhaps don't already have:

Live in San Diego, recently returned to school to finish an undergrad at 30 (and am finishing an Econ degree this December at a third tier state school just to close up unfinished business and get past a lowest common denominator resume hoop), and decided to take the Level 1 CFA this December to help boost my qualifications.

Background: Grew from scratch as a partner/founder in the tech boom an Internet business (with real cashflow and profit) that eventually had 2mil in revenues, 30 employees etc.. Sold it, went to school to study music and pursue 'passions' in my twenties. Have a tech background (IT, not engineering... have some programming experience). Have been trading and managing my assets for over a decade (success in real estate and unconventional plays, no success in leveraged short term trading).

Anyway, I want to break into the analyst/portfolio mgmt world and know there are plenty of firms in San Diego (not willing to move as I have a family here, and have some other income streams so I'm not absolutely desperate). But zero success in even getting response from my sparse resume with zero experience in the field.

Any advice for ways to break into the business in a junior analyst type role for someone like myself in such a lousy job market? I'm a bit discouraged since all of the job listings out there tend to focus on senior analysts with years of experience. I don't fit into that box, but I do have real life experience with business, investing, and am really quite sharp.

CFA Discussion Topic: Advice for past entrepreneur trying to break into portfolio mgmt/analyst world...

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Colin Sampaleanu