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@2007-05-17 17:21:49
Dear all,
Although I'm almost done reviewing the material, there's one thing which is causing great inconvenience, and that is ss 3.
Unfortunately, I hate stats, and i kept postponing the session but it seems that i underestimated the time i'll need for revision, and now i'm stuck with this whole session, and still need to revise 5 other sessions.
What i want is any advice regarding what's the best way to approach the session, what r the most important readings and topics to focus on, and where to study from (cfa books, analystnotes, or schweser???)
I know everyone is probably dead busy, but I reallyyy would appreciate your reply asap since i'm planning to knock out the SS this weekend insh2Allah.

Take care
@2007-05-17 20:58:31
Find at least one but preferrably a buch of mock exams and select all questions relating to the part of the study sessions you have left out (SS3). Study the question and the explanations in the answer guide and try to understand & memorize. If you have access to some quick sheet, memorize any formulas or numbers (such as 1.65, 1.96, 2.58). Leave out the more difficult parts at the end of SS3. If you don't have any mock exams but have access to this site, use it, or if any other similar software, use that to check what they check for when designing questions.
@2007-05-20 12:12:26
Hi there

I wrote level 1 last year. My advice is that the time needed for stats is not worth the marks allocated in the exam. In other words, don'y focus too much on it. They test mainly the underlying concepts and do not focus too much on actual calculations. Spend time understaning everything, don't waste time learning the formulaes or how to use the tables. Use analyst notes for questions. Do all the questions and you will be fine. Good luck.
@2007-05-21 22:26:25
The December 2006 Exam I had something like four or five questions on the relationship between R-squared / correlation / coef of determination. I remember thanking my lucky stars to get those right and wondering why I bothered struggling with some of the other quant topics. I would recommend taking 20 minutes and become very familar with those - I forget what readings they are in.. Good luck,
@2007-05-23 08:17:06
Thanks alot...
U really made my moral go up...
@2007-05-29 12:49:52
This might be my final post, but i really would appreciate if some one helps me out with this..
Kindly summarize the most important topics for ss3 and the definitions to learn, since i wont have the time to go through.
I recognize that this might be a bit time consuming, but you can regard it as revision for urself..
I'm stuck in time, and haven't finished all the ss yet..
Best of luck

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